Business Idea

The business idea of INTERCAMP, as commercial agent and importer on agency terms, is to provide new caravans and camping equipment for the Danish campers through a well organised chain of dealers.

Our product range must be made up in such a way that the caravan retailers are offered an assortment addressed to both beginners and to the more experienced campers in order for the retailer to sustain his clientele in a lifelong cycle.

Our goal is also mainly to work with exclusive dealers who only have the assortment of INTERCAMP in their shops.

Our co-operation with the dealers must be of such a nature that our position between the producer and the retailer is justified by our work being worth the extra costs. INTERCAMP may be regarded as a piece of soap placed between two hands, the producer and the dealer. Our work is like the umbrella keeping away the rain from the soap. If the soap gets wet, we all know what will happen.

This principle applies to our work with both the caravans as well as with the equipment for Camper Fritid.