The periode 1968 - 1980´ies

Intercamp A/S was founded in the autumn of 1980, when the present owner, together with a partner, purchased the English owned company, Caravans International Danmark A/S. The partner share was bought in 1988.

The company has been based on wholesale trade of caravans in a straight line backwards, as far back as 1959, when the company of that time started the import of Sprite caravans produced in Great Britain.

Pretty fast through the 1960’ies, this company called LM Caravans International I/S, became the dominant sales organization within the caravan trade, and through the co-operation with the English company, Caravans International, with the brands Sprite, Eccles, Europe, Fairholme, and Wilk, it achieved a very large market share in Denmark (about 50%). In 1971, Caravans International took over LM Caravans International (100%) and renamed it Caravans International Danmark A/S.

The present owner was employed with the Danish company, LM Caravans International I/S, in January 1968.

With two oil crises in the 1970’ies, it became very popular to find the shortest way from producer to customer putting a lot of pressure to the wholesale and importing trade. It therefore became very modern to establish agencies exempted from the intermediate financing between producer and retailer, as in that way invoicing would take place directly from producer to retailer with a commission to the agent.

Thus, Intercamp A/S became a commercial agent in the caravan trade.

Throughout this period, we were situated in Møllegade in the centre of Lunderskov, in an old joiner’s workshop converted into administration and storeroom for spare parts and only little equipment.

Soon after 1980, we decided to focus much more on caravan equipment. It was a sector we had neglected and which we assumed would grow strongly in the years to come.

The periode 1980´ies - 2009

The sales of equipment grew year by year, and we therefore extended our storing facilities by an 800 m2 storage building next to the railroad. As sales continued to grow, logistics became more difficult, since equipment gradually had to be stored on different locations in the area.
As regards caravans, we represented the brands Sprite and Wilk. The English company, Caravan International, got into difficulties at the beginning of the 1980’ies, when we and the caravan dealers experienced some turbulent years. In 1985, we managed to include the German brand, Bürstner, into our range of business. Now, we represented the brands, Sprite, Bürstner, and Wilk, which were distributed through our exclusive group of dealers.

In the same year, 1985, our present sales organization, Caravan Ringen (CR), was established.

The pressure on the surrounding residential area mounted with the approximately 1,000 caravans which we physically checked through our company every year. In 1994, we therefore decided to relocate our company to new facilities in the industrial area of Lunderskov. At that time, we were 9 employees in the company.

On an area of 12,500 m2, we started with 1,600 m2 storage facilities and 400 m2 administration, which we inaugurated in January 1995.

In 1998, we included a new brand, the Swedish Kabe caravans for the upper price segment, in our line of business.

In 1999/2000, our facilities were extended by approximately 1,000 m2 for storage and conference facilities (including kitchen and toilets) for up to 100 persons as well as three additional offices. At the same time, further 40 m2 were built for the Camper Fritid administration.

Also in 1999/2000, an additional, adjoining area of 12,500 m2 was purchased so that the total ground area now is 25,000 m2.

In 2000, we started the import of Bürstner motor homes.

In 2002, further 150 m2 were built for administration (Camper Fritid) and a doubling of our kitchen/canteen facilities.

In the autumn of 2002, we made an agreement for the sales of Tabbert caravans (part of the Wilk/Knaus-Tabbert-Group). For that purpose, we established a subsidiary, Procamp ApS, with a day to day manager in charge of the daily contact to the caravan dealers.

In 2004, additional storage facilities of 12,000 m2 were built so that the total building area now was 5,200 m2.

In 2005, the Beyerland caravans were included in our portfolio.

In the autumn of 2005, Intercamp A/S celebrated its 25th anniversary.

In the spring of 2008, we built another 1,000 m2 unheated storage facilities for handling of our container flow from China, among others.

In the autumn of 2008, we established the subsidiary, Ciba, for the import of equipment.

In the spring of 2009, we could add Knaus, Weinsberg caravans to the portfolio of our subsidiary, Procamp ApS.

Today, we are 25 employees distributed among Intercamp, Camper Fritid, Procamp and Ciba.