Employee Objective

The employees of INTERCAMP are the most important resources for creating the turnover necessary for the company. It is therefore important that the employees have job security and may perform their daily work in encouraging surroundings. It is important the all employees show team-spirit by working for each other and assisting each other in servicing our customers. We strive to have an open and friendly tone and expect that each employee acts responsibly towards his/her work and the surroundings.

Quality consciousness of our employees is required in order for us to create the right spirit for the co-operation with our dealers/customers. This includes that at any time we should act honestly, trustworthy, punctually, and with constant care.

Continuous education is important for the quality of the daily work, and we find it significant that the employees seek further training to the extent necessary.

INTERCAMP wants satisfied employees, and in order to create the environment for this, it is necessary that each employee participates and gives feedback to the management on proposals for changes and improvements which may increase the employee satisfaction.